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"RealRare" is designed based on the idea of a sanctuary mixed with love and fun in mind. The place where everyone can throw away their stress-cap, let their hair down and dive into the harmony zones of friendship and join in the fun activities for all age and size.

RealRare Phetchaburi

Outing Villas

Enjoy the inspiring experiences together.

Residing in the charm of the mangrove forest, Realrare@Phetchaburi is a holiday villas that has a lake behind it’s back and is just about 30 steps away from the beach from the front.

Fully infused in its DNA with the appreciation of outdoor experiences, “Realrare” offers full ranges of outdoor activities such as lawn pool, giantsized lagoon styled swimming pool, giant hamster ball racing in a swamp, zip-lining in the mangrove forest, a ball pit for both the children and all those spunky adults who still want to relive their childhood, adventure playground for kids.

The villa is divided into spacious rooms that have lots of comfortable futons for you to enjoy each other or even a lot more companies chatting the night away.

Are you curious to know how it feels to be in the mangrove surroundings?
Come and try Real fun and Rare to see for yourself!



Maybe a question that pops into mind is why must "Realrare” be in Phetchaburi?
The answer is pretty simple. Phetchaburi has it all!

It is a lovely ancient city packed with everything nature got to offer - be it sea, river, or mountains. The city is also rightly known as "Resort Town" or the "land of Summer Palaces" since the early Rattanakosin period, considering that it has 3 palaces namely: Phra Nakhon Khiri Royal Palace and Phra Ram Ratchaniwet (Wang Ban Puen) from the reign of King Rama V and Mrigadayavan Palace from the reign of King Rama VI.

In the arts and culture perspective, the city has numerous sacred temples where the beautiful and intricate workmanship from different branches and different era of artisans can be seen and felt. Through these skillfully crafted temples, the city is a reminiscent of Ayutthaya prior to being razed.

But that is not all!

For all the foodie travelers, Phetchaburi is another appetite heaven for every taste and age. The city has varieties of local food, seafood, fruits and desserts to offer.  At "Realrare" to ensure the freshness and the no-formalin usage, our seafood is bought daily and from the local and entrusted fishermen nearby.

And most importantly, the city is a mere hundred kilometers from Bangkok. The two main routes could be either through Petchkasem Road or the more romantic route along the Esplanade of Klongkon – passing through salt fields, mangroves and the sea.






Villa Samae Crab - Cozy style
Villa Mudskipper - Mid-century Style
Villa Lanny - Industrial style
In the villas, they’re decorated with collectible stuffs.

“Just the place for you”
Because we know what makes a great stay and
we’ve got it all here waiting for you..