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All Indoor & Outdoor Activities with Free of Charge!

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Real Fun Rare Items

Water Sports at sea & lake

Amusement List

  • Water Skipper

  • Water Tricycle

  • Water Bike

  • Pedal Yacht

  • Clear Kayak

  • Pro Kayak

  • Floating Mat

Real Exercises Rare Experiences

Aqua Fitness

Amusement List

  • Aqua Therapy Bike

  • Aqua Treadmill

  • Aqua Jumping Trampoline

Rare TukTuk



Outdoor Activities

🚣 Water Sports has 6 types for chilling. In the lake behind the villa, there are big bikes, water bikes, spinning boats, clear kayaks, camouflage kayaks, and water kangaroos.


💦 Aqua fitness, there is a water treadmill, water bike, water trampoline in the swimming pool for exercise. There is an authentic antique frog face tuk tuk taking you to the beach.


🏊🏻‍♂️ RealRare, Phetchaburi is a pool villa surrounded by a swimming pool.

🛶 There is a lake next to the villa where you can play water rides.

🏖 Private beach near the villa.

👶🏻 🎪The Adventure Playground is fun, with a hundred year old carousel to play with.

💃You are able to get great photo angles.

🚲 Electric bikes to ride around the beach

🐟 Fishing by the lake

🌿 Garden party

🥬🌶Vegetable garden, grow everything you eat, eat everything you grow.

🐒 Jimmy House, a 36 sqm (36 m^2) dome in the middle of the mangrove forest for sipping coffee

💻Work wherever you want

Indoor Activities


🏡 Because it's a whole villa for the whole love

👩‍❤️‍👩 Have a living room to spend time together

🎤 There is a karaoke in each villa and one in the ball pit

📟 Gigabit level wifi

📺 Watch movies from Netflix, Youtube and etc.

📚There is a desk for digital nomad.

👩🏻‍💻There is a meeting room for creative seminars. 

🏃‍♀️ Ball Pit, a ball house for kids and adults 

🎱 There is also a pool table.

👩🏻‍🍳There is a kitchen. It's time to show your talent

🍔🍳🧇 Breakfast is beautiful. You can enjoy your meal in the villa. 

🦐🦀🦑🐙Fresh seafood from Ban Laem District, guaranteed no formaldehyde.

🎁A mini shop that sells souvenirs that we design and manufacture, including 🍾🥃🍺 snacks, beverages, wine, whiskey, beer.

🧠🌈 There are Aroma DIY classes which you are able to create Aroma Diffuser, Room Spray, Sanitizer and Scented Gel 🎊🎁

🚑 Ambulance service