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Realrare @Taladnoi The beauty of this home lies in its age. The building was built since the reign of King Rama III or over 2 centuriesold. This is the last few remaining Thai-Chinese architecture historical building that we can still appreciate in Bangkok. Our ancient
Realrare@Taladnoi is still standing tall in its perfect condition with an almost untampered look for the last 40 years.

In 2017, the house was re-opened for the first time after 40 years for TCDC to organize Bangkok Design Week and followed by alighting show for Timeout Bangkok magazine.

The home, which is in the old Bangkok area, is strategically located in a very convenient and accessible through many modes oftransportation. Chinatown, Hua Lumphong, Metro station, and Skytrain station are all within 10 minutes' walking distance. The SriPhya pier is just about 5 minutes by foot, while Krom Chao pier is barely a 1-minute walk.


This home offers the visitors time saving and choices of hassle-free commute and away from road congestion. 


รายการบ้านและสวน The renovation

Patina Bangkok

The Passport - Patina Bangkok ตลาดน้อย Feb 9, 2021

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