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the inspiring experiences together



With that motto in mind and a desire to take it a notch further, we will be providing you with the experiences of "Realrare School of Eat and Sleep". The fun that we offer does not stop only with various outdoor activities, we also take pride in various workshops within our compound. The aromatic art classes workshops- the making of perfume and the art of making home fragrances, and our cooking and baking classes are our pride.




Realrare school of “Eat" – our menu ranges from Italian + Japanese + local Thai cuisines, fusion food and as well as authentic local specials.

Realrare school of “Sleep" – your beauty sleep matters to us. That is why all details about the sleeping gears are taken very seriously- from the quality of the mattress, to the fine 600 thread count of bed linen and options of the pillows and beds (soft or firm) that suit your comfort. Rest assured, you can have a good night's sleep and we won’t let any bug bites bother you at all.




At "Realrare" we want each of our guests to relive his childhood happiness by being able to spend quality time eating, playing and chilling.

Each guest will still have enough space and choices to join in the activities of their choices while our team will always be there to look after
your conveniences and safety.


Vegetables that we use in our menu are either from our own gardens or from the organic farms nearby. If you want, you can head to our garden and pluck and eat the vegetables right from the garden yourself - I bet it can't get any fresher than that!



Most importantly, we believe in being one with nature and to preserve it as much as we can.

  • We have our own water treatment system and we used the treated water for our gardens

  • our lightings are all energy saving types.

  • all our tablewares, servewares containers are from natural products

  • Hotel amenities are natural based.


We are local. We work closely with local people. Sanook (fun) and smiles are the major elements to be happy and enjoyable.

  • We support local business and farmers such as we buy the organic fruits and vegetables from farmers in Phetchaburi

  • We buy fresh seafood from the local fishermen.

  • We introduce our guests to the local tour guides and local drivers

  • Engaging our guests to all fun activities within the local community as well as guiding tourists of places to shop the local produce and services.

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